Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season


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February 4 and 5, 2017
Polytechnique Montreal

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300 attendees

24 hours

More than $10000 in prizes

February 4 and 5

What if we changed our way of seeing things?

Hackatown is a 24-hour competition themed on smart city. Nowadays, we live in a world full of data on everything. Whether it is the statistics of public transports or the level of appreciation of a restaurant, we have access to it. However, in the vast majority of cases, these data remain locked databases, when it could be very helpful to everyone.

This is why we asked you to introduce how you can revolutionize city life!

See the code of conduct.

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 How will the event take place?

The event will take place from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. There will be 24 hours allowed to work on your project, then there will be the project presentations and, finally, a closing ceremony. (Including participation prizes, more swag and food!) A detailed schedule will be sent out shortly before the event.

 Do I need to be a software developer to participate?

No, you can attend the event if you are a designer, a marketer or if you contribute to the success of your team in any way. On the other hand, having developers on your team is essential.

 What are the rules?

Team size
There will be up to four participants per team.

Code and design creation
Code, design or any other elements that helped to the conception of the project must be created only during the event. A revision of the code produced by your team will be done if it qualifies.

APIs, services and open source
You can use any publicly available resources, including third party services, APIs, open source projects, libraries and frameworks. The licences and copyrights of any plugins, API or other services will be verified if your team qualifies.

All projects submitted during the event will have to be under an open source licence.

Alcohol and drugs
Consuming or possession of alcohol or drugs is forbidden for the whole length of the event. If a member of a team breaks this rule, the team will be disqualified.

Code of conduct
All participants must read and consent to the MLH code of conduct .

 Will there be food provided?

Yes! There will be a total of five meals and four snacks during the event, in addition to a constant availability of water and coffee.
*If you have allergies, do not forget to inform us when completing your subscription.

 Will there be travel reimbursement?

For now we do not provide any travel reimbursement, but we're working hard to make travel easier for most of you! Stay tuned!

 What should I bring?

You will have to bring your laptop and your charger. We also recommend you to bring a sleeping pad or a sleeping bag, a pillow and spare clothing. Locations will be available for sleeping, as well as showers.

 How do I apply?

You will need to submit an application form. Once the form is submitted, there will be three rounds of selection, in order to fill the available spots efficiently. Each accepted participant will be randomly selected according to its geographical position. After each round of selection, every remaining spot will be distributed at the next.

 Do I have to pay to attend?

No! Everything is free! (Take the opportunity to eat while it costs nothing ;) )

 Will there be hardware provided?

Yes, throughout the event it will be possible to borrow hardware for your projects at the hardware loan kiosk. You will need your student ID for any loan during the hackathon.

 How will the projects be judged?

At the end of the allocated 24 hours for the creation of your project, each team will make a five-minute presentation before a jury. The submission shall contain a demonstration of your project and a plan for the future of your project. Your code will be judged only if you are selected after your presentation, so it is very important to plan and practise your presentation.